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About us

30 years and growing

Leomável is in the market since 1984 and has been growing since then in terms of both machinery and staff. Our goal is to continue strengthening our position in the market by investing sensibly and by taking up an increasing number of technical challenges. Our corporate policy is based on the permanent and close collaboration with our customers and on the fulfilment of our commitments.

We continually raise our productive capacity, thanks to our young and skilled employees and our up-to-date technology, so we can provide our customers with precise, reliable injection moulds that can fully satisfy their requirements.

Quality Policy

What we do

Committed to quality

Leomável manufactures highly technical injection moulds, designed and machined to withstand the passage of the years. Our strength is the small and medium sized part; precise, technical parts with tight tolerances.

We are able to manufacture diferente kinds of moulds:

  • Single-material and Multi-material
  • Elastomer injection moulding
  • Overmoulding with metallic inserts
  • Thin wall injection moulding
  • Gas injection moulding
  • Prototype moulds


We are aware that the first step towards a successful project is a flawless communication; therefore, our technical and commercial departments can speak with you in English, French, German and Spanish.


The mould design is a crucial phase of the project, that’s why we invest in experienced designers and modern softwares that allow us to be proactive by anticipating possible problems and by offering our customers the most efficient and profitable solution.


In our workshop, we aspire to continual improvement of the work methods. It is fitted with all the necessary machine tools for the manufacture of reliable, precise injection moulds, in the delivery times defined by the customer.

Progress reports

We regularly inform our customers of the work progress in all manufacturing stages through progress reports and pictures – because transparency is the foundation of trust.


Our network of injection suppliers allow us to test our moulds in the best injection machines, by qualified operators.

Machine tools

The best at your disposal

Design/ Programming

  • Software CAD/CAM Creo
  • Software CAD/CAM Cimatron


  • 1 milling machine Microcut 857
  • 1 CNC milling machine MICROCUT Challenger 646S
  • 1 CNC milling machine MAS MOD. MCV 750 SPRINT
  • 1 CNC milling machine MAS MOD. MCV 1.000
  • 1 CNC milling machine LAGUN GVC 600
  • 1  5 axes CNC milling machine QUICKJET


  • 1 EDM machine AGIE FORM 200
  • 1 EDM machine AGIETRON INTEGRAL 2 (toolchanger for 28 electrodes )
  • 1 EDM machine JSEDM EA-600L/60 A
  • 1 EDM machine BARON-MAX KE-550 CNC
  • 1 wire EDM machine AGIE Agiecut Classic
  • 1 wire EDM machine EXCETEK– V500G
  • 1 EDM drilling machine JSEDM AD-20


  • 1 grinding machine PERFECT PFG-C1545M
  • 1 grinding machine PERFECT PFG-2040M
  • 1 grinding machine PERFECT PFG-D4080AH

Assembling/ adjustment

  • 1 spotting press REIS

Dimensional control

  • 3D measuring machine POLI SKY 2
  • Projector Deltronic DH350


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We're at your disposal

Leomável Moldes, Lda

Lagoa do Brejo Redondo – Venda
2405-036 Maceira

tel: (+351) 244 777 561
fax: (+351) 244 772 733